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Download Linux Mint 10 (Julia) Final Release

Download Linux Mint 10 (Julia) Final Release

Linux Mint - Linux Mint 10 (Julia), an operating system based on Ubuntu 10:10 (Maverick Meerkat) has just been released, comes with features the Linux 2.6.35 kernel, desktop environment 2:32 GNOME and X. Org 7.5. What's new in Linux Mint 10 (Julia) is a very useful start-up screen, which allows you to install various codecs audio / video or upgrade your system to the DVD edition.

Linux Mint 10 brings a new look and feel for its users. The development team has been eliminating old green Shiki theme / dark to light traditional themes with dark backgrounds. New theme on Linux Mint 10 Mint-called X and has a brush metal look with the iconic themes that are nice and simple.

New to the Linux Mint 10:
  • Based on Ubuntu 10:10 (Maverick Meerkat);
  • Linux kernel 2.6.35;
  • GNOME 2.32.0;
  • X. Org 7.5;
  • New start-up screen;
  • The increase in the Menu Mint;
  • Improvement in the Software Manager;
  • The increase in Update Manager;
  • The increase in Upload Manager;
  • New artwork;
  • Various improvements of the system.
Download Linux Mint 10 (Julia) Final Release

Linux Mint 10 will work fine on the hardware with a recommended minimum requirements:
  • An x86 CPU (Please note that the edition of Linux Mint 64-bit processors require 64-bit);
  • 512 MB of system memory (RAM);
  • 4 GB hard disk space for installation;
  • A graphics card with the capability of displaying a resolution of 800x600 px;
  • An optical drive or a USB port.
Linux Mint 10 (Julia) is available for 32-bit architecture and 64-bit. It is distributed as GNOME Live CD and DVD, OEM edition, and a special CD for the USA & Japan. Standard distribution of Linux Mint 10 is a version of the Live DVD, while the distribution Live CD is not included with the Java package, VLC, F-Spot,, Samba, additional wallpapers and ttf-dejavu fonts. OEM version is intended for manufacturing which will include Linux Mint 10 as a pre-installation on their products without setting user account.

Before the installation of Linux Mint 10, we recommend you read the release notes first.
Download Linux Mint 10 Final Release:


Release PCMAV 4.2, Newest PCMAV, PCMAV PCMAV November 2010-December 2010

Rilis PCMAV 4.2, PCMAV Terbaru, PCMAV November 2010-PCMAV Desember 2010

PCMAV - PC Media Edition 12/10 December 2010 officially launched recently. As usual the team has also released a developer PCMAV newest PCMAV, PCMAV 4.2 is included with it. Various fixes and improvements have been made to ensure antivirus PCMAV is the pride of Indonesia. PCMAV 4.2 Included in the bundle latest DVD PC Media magazine. We highly recommend that you get PCMAV 4.2 of the original source DVD PC Media is.

If you use PCMAV, make sure you have read the README.txt that came first with him. What's new on PCMAV 4.2 Ragnarok2?;
  • UPDATED! Added database and cleaning viruses 103 local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 3597 virus and its variants.
  • ADDED! Removal special engine to clean the virus completely Shemale, Serviks.vbs and its variants are widely spread in Indonesia.
  • FIXED! Repair RTP which caused delay when creating a new folder in Windows Explorer.
  • Improved! Improved dialogue additions / add the virus in quarantine so it can function properly in Windows 7.
  • Improved! Improved "Restore to" to the Quarantine so that it can restore more than one file.
  • FIXED! RTP disable error recovery time for the second time.
  • FIXED! Improvement of the view that sometimes widened during PCMAV operate.
  • Improved! Improved startup PCMAV so in accordance with user configuration.
  • Improved! Improved detection Bad Folders in Windows 7.
  • Improved! Change of name of the virus found a new variant.
  • Improved! Fixes some minor bugs and improved the internal code to ensure that antivirus PCMAV remain the pride of Indonesia.
How do I use Ragnarok2 PCMAV 4.2?

Please download PCMAV 4.2, Extract file you just downloaded. If you are running PCMAV previous version, please turn off first by right-clicking the icon PCMAV (yellow duck) on the notification area and select the menu "exit".

PCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxer

Wait a few moments to process PCMAV.exe actually been turned off. Copy and paste all the files and folders PCMAV 4.2 you just extract to the folder where you put the old PCMAV (please overwrite all old files and folders), as a sample we put it in the folder "D: \ PCMAV \". It should be contained in the folder PCMAV PCMAV.exe file, README.txt, two each folder is a folder "lib" that contains the library files PCMAV, "vdb" containing PCMAV engine and virus definition updates and a folder named "plugins" who sided folder "ClamAV" if you have integrated with engine Clamav PCMAV.
Note: If you want to take advantage of exceptions and proxy features, you need to make exception.txt and proxy.txt using notepad and then save it in the same folder (please read the README.txt for details).

PCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxer 
The composition of files and folders "PCMAV"
PCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxer 
The composition of the file in the folder "lib"
PCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxer 
The composition of the file in the folder "vdb"
How do I combine the ClamAV engine with PCMAV 4.2?
Download and extract with Msvc80.50727.4053_x86 Clamav Put all the files you daptakan on the folder "D: \ PCMAV \ plugins \ ClamAV \" so that the folder contained the ClamAV library files and MSVC and Clamav virus definition file of "main.cvd" and "daily.cvd" where you need to download it first. To download the file, please follow the download link we provide at the end of this article.
Note: You can also add two new ClamAV signature database files, "bytecode.cvd" and "safebrowsing.cvd" and put in the same folder for the introduction of the virus obtained to be larger (more than 1.3 million virus and its variants). You need ketahu, the merger PCMAV with ClamAV, signature files that must exist is main.cvd and daily.cvd while bytecode.cvd and safebrowsing.cvd is optional. About what it safebrowsing.cvd bytecode.cvd and you can read more here.
For those who want to try to integrate ClamAV ClamAV 0.96.3 or 0.96.4, please read and take it here.

PCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxer 
The composition of the file in the folder "ClamAV"

Once complete all the required files, now is the time to run PCMAV 4.2. Run PCMAV 4.2 by double clicking on the file PCMAV.exe, moments later PCMAV will check whether the computer still carry out the library PCMAV previous version (PCMAV 2.3, or Ragnarok2 Ragnarok2 TP beta). If a confirmation dialog is displayed, please follow these by clicking the "OK" to restart your computer.

PCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxer

For the first time you run PCMAV, you simply place all the files and folders PCMAV 4.2 in a folder and start it PCMAV.exe, seharusya not you get a confirmation dialog. After the computer restarted, restart the PCMAV.exe like the above. How to display the main window PCMAV 4.2?
To show the main window PCMAV 4.2 has been diminimize, please double click (double click) the icon PCMAV or right click on the icon and select the "Show Window"

PCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxer 
Double click on the icon PCMAV
PCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxer 
Or right click on the icon PCMAV then select the menu "Show Window"
How do I automatically update PCMAV update build and ClamAV virus definitions?;
For users with Internet connections that have been available when the computer is turned on it will automatically PCMAV will check the availability of virus definition updates, both PCMAV upadate build and Clamav. Namu for users who are not directly connected to the internet or dialup Internet users, please connect the computer to the Internet first, turn off the process by right-clicking PCMAV PCMAV icon and select menu "exit", wait a while, run kembalai PCMAV.exe, in PCMAV will automatically check the availability of virus definition updates.

PCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxerPCMAV Terbaru bojalinuxer

For those of you who do not have internet connection, you can download the updated virus definitions PCMAV manually via the download link we provide at the end of this article. Warning!: We recommend you read the README.txt that comes first before using PCMAV dahalu. If PCMAV not walk properly, please submit a complaint through the official forum in 

Copyright belongs PCMAV PC Media - Pinpoint Publications Group.
Copyright (c) 2006-2010 PC Media Magazine Pinpoint Publications Group.
Download & Clamav Engine PCMAV 4.2;
Download Clamav virus definitions;
New ClamAV signature files
Note: If by direct appointment on the link, your browser fails to download the fourth file, please right click on each link and choose "Save Link As" to download it.

IMPORTANT ..., would be better if you get a DVD PC Media PCMAV from the latest edition. Download PCMAV 4.2 Ragnarok2 from here ...

Releases Final Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 - RHEL 6

RHEL6 - Red Hat.Inc, a leading provider of open source solutions in the world, is proud to announce the availability of the final release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. This release is awaited release of RHEL 6 which contains improvements and it's available for i386, AMD64/Intel64, System z, and IBM Power (64-bit).
However, Red Hat announced that this release will not provide support for Intel Itanium architecture. In addition, the POWER5 processor is no longer supported, only the Power6 CPU or higher who will have the support. "Red Hat Enterprise Linux for many years as a mission-critical platform choice for many companies. Customers such as British Airways, Citi and NTT Communications has been a trusted partner in development platforms Red Hat Enterprise Linux."
"We are now entering the era of enterprise computing where flexibility, portability and interoperability is more important than ever. And today, we provide the necessary platform consumers. It has always been our focus."
"What we provide more open, more reliable and more comprehensive than other products on the market. In the future, this is a platform designed to deliver customers to the next generation of virtualization and cloud". - Said Paul Cormier, executive vice president and president, Products and Technologies at Red Hat, the press release.

New to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6:
  • Improved graphical installer;
  • Support for the new system files (EXT4, XFS, NFS, block discard);
  • LVM enhancements;
  • Better power management with PowerTOP and tuned;
  • Increased PackageKit and yum package managers;
  • Better support for clustering, with Corosync Cluster Engine;
  • Increased security;
  • Network packet labeling and support for IPv6;
  • Suspend and resume functionality;
  • Support for multiple displays;
  • Nouveau video driver for Nvidia graphics card;
  • Dukunga Internationalization;
  • SC KDE 4.3;
  • Office Suite 3.1;
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 3;
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.5;
  • Apache 2.2.15;
  • MySQL 5.1;
  • PostgreSQL 8.4;
  • Better documentation;
  • Improved support for C + +;
  • Improved Samba;
  • Full support for KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine);
  • Support Alternative PHP Cache (APC) for PHP;
  • Addition of memcached.
Any distribution like Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) are more targeted to the commercial market, including mainframes, who enjoy technical support for 7 years after the release of Red Hat. A new version of RHEL is released fairly quickly and thus, users can upgrade version that is being used to the latest release for free. Red Hat is distributed into four versions of RHEL: RHEL AS (Advanced Server), RHEL ES (edge, economic or entry-level server), RHEL WAS (workstation) and Red Hat Desktop.
For those of you who are interested to try, can download RHEL 6 beta 2 here.
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